Bob Dylan The 50th Anniversary Collection

Gates Of Eden — Cocaine Blues Unofficial Bootlegs. Cake Day. Fallen Angels. The Basement Tapes Studio. No prob!

Highway 61 Revisited. Blonde on Blonde. Bob Dylan - Melbourne, Australia. Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits. John Wesley Harding. Nashville Skyline. The Dylan Cash Session. New Morning. Self Portrait. A Tribute to Woody Guthrie. Dylan Before the Flood. Planet Waves. Blood on the Tracks. The Basement Tapes. Hard Rain. Street Legal. Bob Dylan At Budokan. Slow Train Coming. Shot of Love. Real Live. Empire Burlesque. Band Of The Hand. Knocked Out Loaded.

Hearts of Fire soundtrack. Down in the Groove. Halloween Mask. The European Union recently extended the term of copyright for sound recordings from 50 years to 70 years. But, there's a catch. These were masters that were lying in the vaults," Boyle says, "and none of them had ever seen the light of day. And so he had to get them out before that year period expired in order to get the extra 20 years. Because this material was recorded in and , the label essentially has to use it or lose it to the public domain.

In Britain, the European Union copyright extension is known as Cliff's Law — named after Sir Cliff Richard, the s-era singer who pushed hard for its passage.

In an interview with the BBC, Richard says it's not fair that artists should lose the right to collect royalties from their records just because those records happen to be 50 years old. I helped sometimes to produce it. And you make this record. And then someone takes it away before you're even dead. But critics say the copyright extension will mainly help record companies and artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who, whose recordings might otherwise begin entering the public domain in the next few years.

The two previous sets included only things with a couple of small exceptions that were known to exist and that had been bootlegged. This was a shift.

They gave out new material — they were protecting what they had in their hands, whether anyone else had it or not. This show was professionally recorded with the intention of contributing parts of it to a planned live album that never came to pass. Do all that and then recognize that Sony just released this for 1, people in Europe. I can understand the anti-bootlegging arguments and I can understand the pro-bootlegging arguments, and all that is fine and nice in the abstract.

But last night as I was going to sleep it occurred to me that there were Dylan fanatics who dreamed of hearing this their entire life — people who literally died before Sony ever even acknowledged that, yes, yes, they had they whole thing.

What makes it so egregious is that the concert is just so great. Really, it is amazing. I have some sympathy. There are a lot of frustrations here. Sony has also cut the stage banter except for where it is integrated into part of the playing of the song. Eind werd 50th Anniversary Collection: op negen elpees geperst - in een iets grotere oplage - en in een aantal Europese winkels verkocht.

Voor 50th Anniversary Collection: is - naar mijn smaak - een veel betere aanpak gekozen. Deze nieuwste uitgave is namelijk helemaal niet te koop, maar als download cadeau gedaan aan de kopers van The Cutting Edge - Collector's Edition. Hieronder de tracklist - maar liefst nummers - van 50th Anniversary Collection: To Ramona — 4. Gates of Eden — 5. Key to symbols used: Links to other World Wide Web pages - Links to email addresses - Performances currently available on commercial CD are marked by these are the ones that count as obscurities rather than as rarities.

Audience recordings are indicated by A. This set was available only to purchasers of The Bootleg Series Vol. My preliminary timing of the set is However, it's definitely not Sheffield, see below, and its actual date is from City Hall, Newcastle , 6 May 19 65! Pennebaker, see Which performance this is is yet to be identified! Bob Stacy has conducted an extensive analysis of the live performances and has come up with these conclusions. Those match the performances on the Sheffield audience tape.

I believe we also have at least two first half Newcastle songs to use in comparison. Unofficial Copy :. Thanks to Billy Bolley for information and scans.

A Flying Pig production. Copyright of all included artwork remains with the various record companies and artists. You are Visitor No. Please add around 5 million visits since mid Site hosted by. Sony Music Europe - front insert my copy - with barcode. Sony Music Europe - unfolded insert my copy. Harriet "Hally" Wood Both Bob Stacy and Larry Crum think it's the album track, confirmed by Derek Barker in "Isis" , who says that although Michael Krogsgaard and Olof Bjoerner list the track on the album as take 1, it is listed by Glen Dundas and Clinton Heylin as take 3, and is confirmed as take 3 on page 43 of the booklet with 's The Original Mono Recordings , see here.

This means that R is exactly the same as the album track and take 1 is still unreleased! Motherless Children trad. Thanks to Bob Stacy for his extensive analysis of the performance in the TV episode and his decision that this is the take used for the withdrawn The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan R but with extra instrumentation!

This leads Bob to the conclusion that here we have another track from the "electric" overdub session held by Tom Wilson without Bob at Columbia Studios, New York, 8 Dec CO take 10 , previously unreleased!

I was there, and saw Reb Allen taping the electric segment, the acoustic 'Freeze Out' premiered that night, but he wasn't able to tape it.

Harp solos rival Sheffield, unbelievably. The singing is unreal, "screeeam iiiiiiiit! Garth crushes it Like a Rolling Stone Epic, last chorus epic. The San Francisco show immediately enters the "best concert of his career" conversation. It is an unbelievable listen. Dylan's interaction with the audience is special here, the entire crowd is sitting on the edge of their seats. The San Francisco show is of lesser sound quality on both acoustic and electric sets, but still very good.

Tambourine Man new. Bob was still very much beaming from the SF show 24 hours later. The tracks from these two shows have not been given R-numbers because they are not officially released.

They are however available on the Internet. Thank you! Thank you!! More posts from the bobdylan community. May 21, Cake Day. Welcome to the subreddit of the poet laureate of rock 'n' roll. The voice of the promise of the '60s counter-culture. Anyway, I'm sure all of this activity is creating incentive for Bob Dylan to make more music from In an unusual response to provisions in a new European copyright law, scheduled to take effect by , Sony Music has released a compilation of early Bob Dylan recordings that is bound to become one of his most collectible albums.

Sony Music has released a new compilation of previously unreleased Bob Dylan studio outtakes and live recordings from and There was another concern. In Europe smaller labels have been releasing recordings that have gone out of copyright as public domain compilations — so-called gray market discs — including some by Mr. Typically, these companies have not had access to master tapes but have released material that has already appeared on bootlegs, often in superb but not master quality.

Sony hopes to fight those labels with this release and any sequels. Some of the studio recordings, as well as live performances from the Gaslight Cafe, Carnegie Hall and the Finjan Club, in Montreal, are familiar to collectors of bootlegs, though the quality here is improved. So far, few record labels have responded to the pending shift in European copyright protection by releasing copious amounts of archival material, although fans of bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are hoping that such releases are in the offing.

But Sony is not alone. The Anniversary release was doled out to a few renowned independent record stores within the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Sweden while being made available for download as an MP3 in the U. The set was released without a specific recommended retail selling price so for some of the legends of industry, there was a free for all for what to charge.

Before the advent of this silver pressed copy and as I post this review people are still trying to sell their original CDRs at the cost of c. Muleskinner Blues J. Muleskinner Blues part 2 J. Highway 51 B. No More Auction Block trad. Kind Hearted Woman Blues R. I re-checked my notes and files, as well as the "Catalog Of Copyright Entries" and "Copyright Office Catalog," and there is no registration for this song on Dylan's behalf, nor a renewal.

That does not mean a document of which I am unaware cites it, but that will remain unknown until the Copyright Office completes scanning of its old documents a project currently, albeit slowly, underway. Dylan " and "Copyright c by Warner Bros. The same comments about registrations and renewals for "Highway 51" apply here.

I have several documents covering the Witmark period, none of which mention this song. Note that M. Dylan " and " c Special Rider Music. The song was first registered as part of the compilation of sound recordings comprising "The Bootleg Series Vols. This means that R above is exactly the same as the album track and take 1 is still unreleased! According to Roger Ford this is not a remix on 1 Nov of R from 26 Nov , but a "remake", a new take, despite the take number. CD2, track 15 is in fact a repeat of R CD2, track 6.

Thanks to Steven Jump of Badlands for news of this rarity and the copy! Unofficial Copy :. Blood on the Tracks Studio. The Basement Tapes Studio. Desire Studio. Hard Rain Live. Masterpieces Compilation. Street Legal Studio. Bob Dylan At Budokan Live. Slow Train Coming Studio. Saved Studio. Shot of Love Studio. Infidels Studio. Real Live Live. Biograph Compilation. Empire Burlesque Studio.

Band Of The Hand Compilation. Knocked Out Loaded Studio. Hearts of Fire soundtrack Soundtrack. Down in the Groove Studio. Halloween Mask Unofficial Bootlegs. Oh Mercy Studio. Under The Red Sky Studio. Every Child Deserves a Lifetime Compilation. Good as I Been to You Studio. The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration Live. World Gone Wrong Studio. Natural Born Killers Studio.

MTV Unplugged Live. The Best of Bob Dylan Compilation. Time Out of Mind Studio. The Essential Bob Dylan Compilation. Love and Theft Studio. Timeless Hank Williams Tribute Compilation. The Last Waltz Live.