Jine Take It To The House

Amira - Walk. JBL - Test Legion Of Boom - Malcalm X. Strafe "React". Mind Readers feat. Mac Band "Someone To Love".

Alas, the wise man will die just like the fool! Ecclesiastes For the fates of both men and beasts are the same: As one dies, so dies the other--they all have the same breath. Man has no advantage over the animals, since everything is futile. Ecclesiastes All go to one place: All come from dust, and all return to dust. Ecclesiastes if he lives a thousand years twice over, but fails to enjoy his prosperity.

Do not all go to the same place? Ecclesiastes It is the same for all: There is a common fate for the righteous and the wicked, for the good and the bad, for the clean and the unclean, for the one who sacrifices and the one who does not.

As it is for the good, so it is for the sinner; as it is for the one who makes a vow, so it is for the one who refuses to take a vow. Ecclesiastes This is an evil in everything that is done under the sun: There is one fate for everyone. Furthermore, the hearts of men are full of evil and madness while they are alive, and afterward they join the dead.

Jeremiah You must not enter a house where there is feasting and sit down with them to eat and drink. To deliver something to a house. I asked where to bring the couch , she said " Take it to the house. What Mason McAlexander says while recieving a blow job. Mason-Oh yeah take it to the house Stephanie-Shut the fuck up! I'm only here because you're paying me! Val G - Headed East. Mathew Johnson - She Is He. G-Dubs - The Groove. Kerri Chandler - Thinkin' It's Over.

Donna de Lory - Think It Over. Reggie Hall - Count On It. Sundiata - Come Together. Charisse Arrington - Down With This. Red Hook Dreams - Your Love. Fit Siegel - Seeded. Gherkin Jerks - Parameters. H Foundation - Tonight. Miguel Graca - Space Frontiers. Echomen - Thru 2 You. The Visionary - Free My Soul. Glenn Underground - Isralee Night Falls. Bad - I Like To Move. Pal Joey - Party Time. The Committee - Dub U Say. Jovonn - Be Free ' Delicious Inc. Chantay Savage - Survive. Julian Kendall - Date Entry.

The Angel Race - Black Colony. D'Marc Cantu - Mobile Communication. Underground Resistance - Transition. Dexter St. Jacques - Ancient Way Of Knowing. Funkinevil - Night. Infiniti - Think Quick. Yennek - Serena X. Ebony - Real Truth. Legowelt - Palmtrees In The Rain. Quadrant - Hyperprism. Prof Delacroix - Build Her. Disco-D - Beat It. Thirdwave - Thru The Time. Schatrax - First Heartbeat. Orazio Fantini - Understand. Nicolas Diez - Jackpot.

Jodeci - You Got It. Karen Pollard - Reach Out. Swing Kids - Good Feelin'. Carolyn Harding - Movin' On. Tikkle - Movin On. Logic - Blues For You. The Rhythm Construction Co. Wanda Rogers - Prove Your Love. Productions - On Cloud 9. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me. Jovonn - Be Free. House Neegroz - Piano.

Daybreak "Everybody Get Off". Skyy "Show Me The Way". Slave "I Like Your Style". Mac Band "Someone To Love". Unlimited Touch "Good Lovin". Jive Rhythm Track. Bones Jones "The Circle". George Benson "Inside Love". Brass Construction "Walkin The Line". This is because the queen—the one who lays all the eggs—never leaves her nest. She just stays there, being fed by the workers the ones you see and continues to reproduce more ants. So you can spray and spray the ants you see, and she'll just keep making more to take their place.

Ants in your home are seeking food, and once an ant finds some, it will return to its nest with the crumb, leaving a scent trail behind it. By doing so, the ant leaves a chemical path for its fellow worker ants to follow to collect more food.

Part Kato "Disco-Tech". Kristol "After The Dance". Strafe "React". Wax "Do You Believe in Magic". Daybreak "Everybody Get Off". Skyy "Show Me The Way". Slave "I Like Your Style". Mac Band "Someone To Love". M83 - Midnight City - naive 4. Nazan Soray - Teselliye Sen Gerek - nublu 6. Floating Points - Shark Chase - Eglo 2. Medlar - Terrell - Wolf Music 6. Medlar - Floor - Wolf Music 7. By doing so, the ant leaves a chemical path for its fellow worker ants to follow to collect more food.

The ants that you see are worker ants. Their job is to find food and take it back to feed the queen and her young, who are being groomed as the next generation of worker ants. Because of this, these worker ants are your ticket into the colony. If you spray and kill these ants, the colony will simply send out more workers, and you'll never reach the queen.

Virgo - Sex - Rush Hour 2. Sunny Day - Ndatl Muzik 6. Toro Y Moi - Tamalak - Carpark 3. V feat. Patty and Alix Alvarez - Deep - Ricanstruction 7. Mission Controll - Outta Limits - Atlantic 8. Rick Wade - Bleach - Third Ear 9. Theo Parrish - Just1lovebug - Dopejames 7. Crazy P. Tracey Thorn - Without Me - Rebirth. Alan Parsons - Mammagamma Instr.

Asso - Don't Stop - Ace Records Kalabrese - Deep - Stattmusik 5. Kalabrese - Hide - Stattmusik 7. Arto Mwambe - Cryptonite - Punkt Musik Soulphiction - Changes ike Remix - Sonar Kollektiv As outside the temperatures are falling and winter has finaly arrived we want to bring a warm breeze into your living rooms by delivering a balearic winter special.

Long before cafe del mar or budda bar were known brands dj alfredo played records that couldn't be heard in this mixture anywhere else. Tracks that might now sound cheesy and slow with their trademark 95 - bpm made sense back then. In the 2nd hour it's Disco time and two superb albums are featured - Kalabrese with his Rumpelzirkus and the classic John Beltran Album ten days of blue that was released !

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Come here for regular playlists of the Radio Show, DJ mixes, charts and features from the world of underground dance music. Commonly used in sports, to "take it to the house" means to score a point in a big play.

The term is almost always used in the context of American football, usually after a player gets a large breakthrough play and takes it all the way to the endzone after a long run. This term is also applicable in American football when a player catches an interception and runs it all the way for a touchdown coined as pick six or when a player returns a field goal kick that was either short or blocked coined as kick six after the Auburn-Alabama game.

Hell yeah we're going out tonight ; we're gonna take it to the house. John May 03,